Pack Pick, 8th Draft Round Possibility, and More Posts To Fill Your Day…

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Pack Pick, 8th Draft Round Possibility, and More Posts To Fill Your Day…

A lot of us fans were shocked with some of the Packers selections, particularly not getting direct help for Rodgers in the first 3 picks. But some analysts are recognizing the growing importance of this position and that this one Pack pick was one scout’s “favorite player to study throughout this pre-draft process”.

2019 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year futures are out at and Kyler Murray is the odds-on at +225, well ahead of the second favorite Dwayne Haskins at +750. But at these odds I’d definitely take a flyer on DK Metcalf or N’Keal Harry who will be catching passes from future HOFers.

After drafting QB’s in consecutive years, who will make the Patriots roster in 2019 (other than, well, duh)? They haven’t kept three QBs in the past 7 years other than when Brady was suspended four games in 2016. @BenVolin from the Boston globe thinks the roster shakes out like this.

Imagine you just left college as an eligible NFL draft prospect, but you have no idea when or if you will get drafted. Your phone rings off-the-hook during the draft with “illegal” offers from teams to sign as a free agent and their offers bounce around anywhere between $5k-$135k. And they tell you that you have 10 minutes to decide or they will never get a shot at the NFL. Yep- that’s how it actually works. One suggestion is an “online eighth round” that might settle down a process that is referred to as the “wild, wild west”.

If you haven’t seen video of a team war room on draft day, check out this series by the Indianapolis Colts called “The Colts Are On The Clock”. One instant observation…there are a LOT of people in that room.

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