Let’s Talk…Christian Wilkins

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Let’s Talk…Christian Wilkins

In case you haven’t heard, this Christian Wilkins kid is one of a kind. The 315 lb. newly drafted Miami Dolphin DT is known as much for his cheerful demeanor and life-of-the-party antics as for his ability to wreck quarterbacks.

So starting with that…
Here’s him singing carpool karaoke (cameo by Deshaun Watson):

Dressing up as the Power Rangers for Halloween with his Clemson D-linemen:

And here’s something you don’t see enormous men do very often…

And of course there was this…

Impressively, Wilkins graduated in two and a half years and did substitute teacher work just for the hell of it. Here’s him speaking about being a “Kindergarten Cop”.

But what fans will love most about the big guy is his on the field prowess. Here’s a minute long clip of him steamrolling people:

Wilkins also had his “Refrigerator” Perry moment against FSU last year:

SI did a Rising Stars piece on him as a sophomore that will help you get to know him a little better.

I think it’s safe to say Dolphins fans finally have something to be excited about.

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