Nick Bosa’s “Racism”, A Michigan DE Flip, and More Things to Entertain You Today…..

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Nick Bosa’s “Racism”, A Michigan DE Flip, and More Things to Entertain You Today…..

So much for the “everyone loves Nick Bosa” sentiment. The Root, a Gizmodo operated website, highlights his pro-Trump tweets and then flat out calls him a racist. Will these sentiment hurt his draft stock? The truth is that it probably depends on the ownership of teams that have a chance to draft him. Seeing that many owners turn a blind eye to actions like those of Joe Mixon, who was videotaped knocking a girl out, I’d say Bosa won’t fall far at all.

It being this close to draft day (12 days!) there’s plenty of content out there analyzing one of our favorite events of the year, but few writers spent as much time doing research as Bill Barnwell (and, presumably, his staff) when they ranked every draft class by position. They analyzed “each draft pick since the AFL-NFL merger for 1970 and awarded them a draft score”. Good thing, otherwise you wouldn’t know that the worst wider receiver class was 1997 (Rae Carruth is the most well known name and not just because of his murdering) or that the best linebacker class was 1981 (3 HOF’ers).

Read an interview with the prospect that DraftWire calls “the best offensive tackle in the 2019 NFL draft.” It confirms that more than one player was made to have a staring contest at the combine, but as The Sporting News says, that’s easily not the oddest question teams asked of players.

A recent PFF Podcast, summarized here, seemed a bit out of wack when they went against the grain by switching the projected draft order of two heralded Michigan lineman. Chase Winovich at 31? Maybe. But Rashan Gary at 50? 50?!?!

Michigan State CB Justin Layne has been climbing up draft boards. Here’s a video scouting report and highlight reel.

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