2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Observations

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2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Observations

Day 1 is in the books and it was an interesting 4 hours for NFL fans and draftniks. You can find results on pretty much every football site in existence, but here’s the CBS one I’ve been following (which posts the results about 10 seconds before it’s announced on TV if you like spoilers).

First off, props to Nashville which hosted an ENORMOUS amount of fans. It looked like a championship parade out there. Where did all those drunk bastards go to piss is what I want to know. Apparently they installed 880 portable toilets but my guess it will be more like Times Square on New Years where people just let it fly all over each other.

Because time lapse videos in general are super awesome, here’s one of the stage being constructed…

Since the draft has become the Oscars for men, players have brought their A game when it comes to their fashion choices. Or their F game in the case of Devin Bush who was doing is best MC Hammer impersonation, but…with…a…broken…arm (?)

Devin Bush as MC Hammer

The Big Lead showcases their best and worst dressed of the night. And BTW, how is The Great Gatsby (Leo version) Kyler Murray’s favorite movie?

I sincerely hope everyone enjoys a good ole’ fashioned slap ass as much as I do. Roger Goodell wasn’t afraid to dole one out early on…

Goodell Slap Ass on Mariota

ESPN’s coverage had a few questionable moments with the broadcast team of Mel Kiper, Booger McFarland, Louis Riddick and Trey Wingo. First, there was the hilarious (yet awkward/insulting/unprofessional?) comment made by Riddick while analyzing a pass rusher and said something along the lines that Booger “knows a little something about back door men”. I mean that’s a great joke in the context of analyzing someone who is good at “back door” pass rushing moves, but are you really going to drop it on national television? And I wouldn’t believe for a second that he didn’t know what he was saying either. Booger might have strangled him in the back room (see what I did there) during the break.

Second was this graphic mishap where they didn’t put the location of Washington’s practice facility in the right state. Maybe I’m just a map nerd (I am) but it was a Michael Irvin C’MON MAN moment…

Not where Ashburn, VA is

As you can see, clearly Ashburn, Virginia is in, well, Virginia. But the ESPN map points to West Virginia. C’MON MAN!

And finally, I take issue with their handling of the Jeffery Simmons pick. He went to the Titans at #19 which was a steal based on his grading. But the team, led by Wingo, spent 5 minutes showing and discussing a high school video of him getting into a fight with a woman, then proceeded to defend and exonerate him. They said they all believe has as “grown up”. Booger “swear(s) by his character” and Trey said “we aren’t passing judgement”. They made the whole segment about how the video is old and that Simmons isn’t that kind of person anymore and that people shouldn’t judge Simmons by what they saw. So my question is WHY SHOW THE VIDEO AT ALL? That’s like showing Charles Barkley spitting on that little girl (accidentally) but following it up with “but no, seriously, he’s like the NICEST guy you will EVER meet”. It felt like a disservice to Simmons if they actually meant what they were saying.

So Montez Sweat, who I featured in this Let’s Talk post, apparently doesn’t take harsh criticism well, at least if it’s done too loudly. That might have dropped him as much as his heart condition…

In my only mock draft I got 3 total correct: Bradbury to the Vikings, Bush to the Steelers and Tillery to the Chargers. The guys leading at The Huddle Report got 11 correct which is impressive.

Finally, some reactions by Giants fans after picking Jones as their QB at #6 over Haskins or Lock…

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