2019 NFL Draft Grades, Tua in 2020, and Other Weekend Stuff…

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2019 NFL Draft Grades, Tua in 2020, and Other Weekend Stuff…

Here’s some of the best and worst grades teams got from some of the major sports media outlets. Not too much agreement except that the ‘Skins did well for themselves but the Cowboys, not so much…

#1: Redskins, #2 Cardinals, #3 Patriots…
#30: Lions, #31: Texans, #32: Giants

#1: Patriots, #2: Raiders, #3: Redskins…
#30: Cowboys, #31: Buccaneers, #32: Rams

A Grades: Browns, Jaguars, Chargers, Cardinals, Eagles, Jets, Patriots, Titans, Redskins
F Grades: Cowboys

Pro Football Focus
Excellent: Redskins, Titans, Jaguars, Panthers, Chargers, Cardinals
Below Average: Cowboys, Texans, Saints, Raiders, Lions, Vikings

USA Today Sports
A Grades: Patriots, 49ers, Cardinals, Bills, Bears, Jaguars, Redskins
D Grades (lowest): Bengals, Saints, Texans, Giants

SB Nation
A Grades: Broncos, Jaguars, Titans, Redskins
D Grades (lowest): Giants


If you want to know who your team’s draftees are “the next”, Thor Nystrom (@thorku) comps each pick with a current player in his Rotoworld Snap Grades analysis. Everyone agreed that Marquise Brown comps to DeSean Jackson, but how about Drew Lock to Blaine Gabbert, or Noah Fant to Jimmy Graham.

Cover 1 highlighted some quotes from Cardinals GM Steve Keim that explain his feelings about their draft picks and the whole Kyler Murray-Josh Rosen deal.

Theres no shortage of “way-to-early” 2020 mock drafts out there so I’ll send you to just a few I like most…

The Sporting News
The Draft Network
The Morning Call
Bleacher Report

@MattVerderame explains why it’s all about this guy.

After what I’m sure was one of the best days of his life, this Giants pick got shot and his friend killed the next morning (ongoing story)

This is why all those girls who not knowingly booked bachelorette parties in Nashville were pissed this weekend…

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